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December 27th, 2005

12:34 pm

yes i had an adventure last night.  so after leaving jillian's house, i get pulled over.  not sure why because i wasnt really going that fast.  anyways the cop comes up to my window and starts yelling at me for all this stuff and getting in my face.  so im thinking theres no way im going to avoid a ticket so i just start yelling at him back.  then he totally changes his tone and says "well im not giving you a ticket or anything" and then after that he was really nice to me.

after i got back on the road i called garrett because him and jeremy were going to be in akron with tim and wanted me to hangout.  well i ended up going over there and we stood in tim's kitchen for a while and then we finally made our way in the living room and sat down.  we sat down long enough for me to eat three peices of candy and then i said "we should be on a roof somewhere".  as soon as i said that everyone got up and headed for the door.  we walked to the school by tim's house, a pretty big place.  and we climbed onto the roof and walked around for a long while.  then we noticed what we think was the janitor walking past a window so we quickly made our way back down.

we still wanted to climb and explore so we then walked to the abandoned building a few blocks away that tim and i had found the other day.  we climbed onto that roof with no problem.  after we were up there for a few minutes jeremy mentioned that there should be some sort of way onto the roof from inside the building.  i quickly scanned the rooftops and found the access hatch.  we walked over to it and garrett pulled it open.  when garrett opened the hatch the rest us celebrated with some hardcore dancing.  we all climbed down the ladder and walked around the building for a few minutes but the floor was rotten and our flashlight (singular) was visible from cleveland/massillon road.  so we climed back out and back down.  on our way back to tim's we had to stop and check out a drain tunnel and also hide a few times from a cop that was driving around in the area.  what a good night.  i love adventures.

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December 12th, 2005

11:09 pm
ok i finally finished some paintings.  i dont know how i feel about them, especially the watercolor.  oh and i assure you the colors are much different in person.

Chance of Rain (7x14)

Sometimes Even With Wings its Hard to Fly (12x24)

as of now, untitled (10x20)

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October 27th, 2005

06:02 pm
so i've been wanting to update this thing for a long time now but i've been busy and also lazy.  lots to talk about.  life has been good.  lots of adventures and such.  but i think my biggest adventure was going down to mississippi.  what a life changing week.  you've all seen the damage on the news and heard stories of the people who were there, but unless you've been there and seen it first hand, you have no idea.  i met a lot of amazing people and saw some pretty awesome things.  it was hot and humid and i worked really hard all day long, but i loved it.  i have so many stories and pictures but for right now i'll just post a few of the pics.


my crew that i went down with


woman's house

the church volunteers who cooked me really good food

me and mac and the chain saw





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October 1st, 2005

10:58 am


im going to Mississippi all week to help with the clean up and reconstruction of a small town named De'Iberville.  its going to be very hot, very humid, and i'll be working twelve hour long work days.  its going to be really tough.  im nervous about it, but i know that this is something that i need to do.  i that this is where God wants me.  i'll be leaving at 3:00 AM tomorrow morning and will be getting home sometime next saturday.

much love,


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September 26th, 2005

10:08 pm
So let me tell ya'll about sunday.  at church tim k. rocked.  he's seriously one of my favorite people.  after church me, jillian, jim, timmy, gar, and dan all met up at rascal house and enjoyed a nice big belly buster.  then it was onto the exploring.  we went to this huge old abandoned steel mill (or so we think its a steel mill) and sat eating oreos and milk.  it was one of the best times ever.  its going to be a great memory to look back on later in life.  so after we finished our oreos and milk we explored the pitch black, creepy basement.  it was awesome.  i used to get freaked out more than anyone but now that stuff doesnt bother me at all.  after we finished the basement we headed over to the other section of the building that we hadnt gotten on our first trip there, a few weeks ago.  this part of the building was just a simple rectangle, with i think four or five stories.  each floor was just one big empty room with a large frieght elevator in the center, and one set of stairs.  well we were on the second floor and i was off by myself taking pictures in the stairwell of some random high heel shoe that was sitting on one of the steps, when i heard what sounded like someone on the floor above us.  i figured it was just a strange echo or something outside or anything really, but i still left the stairwell and walked over to where everyone else was.  a few minutes later jim just says "wait!  be quiet.  did anyone hear that?"  i hadnt heard anything but thats when i figured that those noices i had heard wernt just some natural echo or anything of that sort.  we wernt sure what to do and at first i just wanted to keep exploring but then we heard someone clear their throat or cough and it sounded as if they were right by the stairs.  so we climbed out the windows, onto the train tracks outside and then threw a rock through the third floor window and all ran like little girls.  good adventure.
other highlights of this weekend...... jillian got tattooed and it looks so good.  i won $50.  saw there be dragons.  painted some graff.

eating oreos in the abandoned building.

life is an adventure.

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August 2nd, 2005

10:57 am
this weekend was full of excitment. friday night i went over to jillian's and we went to best buy and got her a digital canon rebel xt. its so nice. we took random pictures with it and played with bethany's pet dragon. on saturday jillian and i drove to akron to pick up the photos that katie matted for jillian's art show at pain hate pain. then we explored at the abandoned coal tower and some abandoned building in south akron. then we picked up seth, picked up garrett, and drove to the ghetto to explore the historic clothcraft factory. it was nice big abandoned building and we wernt the only ones in it. so that was a good adventure. we took garrett home, took some jumping pictures, got hasseled by the cops (not really he just laughed at us) and then drove back to jillian's. shortly after getting back to jillian's we went over to cassie's for a little party. while we were there jillian got another voicemail from that heartless girl who likes to hurt people. what a sad excuss for a human being. i cant believe someone could say such cruel things about another person. this person must really not care about anyone but herself. pathetic. so after jillian got that call it was the last straw. we went straight to the police station and filed a report. the cop called someone who we thought it might be even though we asked him not to. we sat in the room and listened to call and then finished filling out the police report and then went back to the party. we didnt stay there long because i didnt really know anyone there except tifanii and cassie. plus everyone was drinking and i hate being around that so we went back home. sunday was awesome church and then planning for the art show at pain hate pain. then eating at my house, meeting up with everyone at seth's, a little exploring and then back to jillian's. we watched some history channel and then i went home. monday i called off work to go to columbus with jeremy and garrett. that was amazing and deserves its own journal entry, but i dont have time to do that so i'll just sum it all up real quick. monday goes like this....job interview, got job, drove to columbus, went to art school, climbed on roof, ate jimmy john's, explored drain tunnel, explored abandoned water plant, explored huge abandoned columbus coated fabrics plant, explored some big unknown abandoned building, went to polaris mall, ate some max orient, drove home. the pictures from all these adventures should be on our website soon.

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July 19th, 2005

10:44 am

this weekend was crazy.  friday jillian and i saw charlie and the chocolate factory.  what an amazing movie.  it was so good.  the next morning we got up early and went to ann arbor, michigan, to meet dead_like_you, and some of her friends, and explore the ypsilanti psychiatric hospital.  i took 212 pictures myself and jillian took just as many.  we found so much great stuff.  its much too hard to put the experience in words.  so much to talk about.  you can see some of my pictures here.  just understand that pictures do it no justice at all.

theres a lot more to talk about, but i dont feel like it right now.

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July 14th, 2005

08:48 am
its been years since i've updated this.  where should i start?  i've been sick since july 4th.  im still not completely healthy.  i dont know whats wrong with me.  jillian has been sick too.  shes been sick even longer than i have.  she goes to the doctor though, i wont.  we've been on a few adventures.  went to the old train bridge in berea.  that was fun.  tried once again to get into the abandoned house on elm street.  carl, who lives across the street stopped us though.  we found out later that its his parent's house.  they dont live there though.  brian had an art show at pain hate pain.  it went really well.  lots of people came and lots of art was sold.  jillian's art show there is next month, it'll be great.  i finally got a hold of john and had him fix the server problems that have been stopping us from getting our site online.  its not actually up yet.  just an index page that informs you that the site is "coming soon", but soon means it'll all be up by the end of this weekend.  it looks like i might have sold two more paintings.  who knows though.  people keep telling me that they are going to buy a painting and then never do.  oh well.  i hope i can sell at least one though.  i could really use the money.  im looking forward to this weekend.  saturday morning, jillian and i, are going to michigan to explore an abandoned psych hospital.  when we get back from michigan, we're having a bonfire/party thing for tim and garrett, who get back from maine on friday.  on tuesday jillian and i had dinner at her parent's friend's house.  it was so good.  i ate so much food.  yesterday jillian came over to my house.  it was our five month anniversary.  i cant believe its been five months already.  sorry this journal entry has been so random.  just trying to write about everything thats been going on, as it comes to me.  so much more has happened but i guess i'll just stop here.

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July 2nd, 2005

10:42 am
i went over to jillian's last night.  we just worked on our website.  i think its going to look really good.  its going to take a while to get everything together though.  when i left last night i was really tired so i thought i would stop at BP to get a red bull, but when i got there i found this.........

and the lady told me i couldnt buy a drink because they were closed.  stupid car had to run into the building and ruin everything.   i have no idea how this happened but there were cops everywhere!  i think every cop in mentor and kirtland, was in that parking lot.  if i wasnt so tired i probably would have taken more pictures and talked to people to find out what happened.  notice how the brick wall was pushed into the store.  the cash registers and all the stuff by the counter was all messed up too.  crazy people.

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June 28th, 2005

05:30 pm
we did some more exploring last night.  this time it was at the abandoned hotel off of 90 in cleveland.  me, jillian, and bethany, met nate and bryan up there.  it was a fun place to get into.  we had to climb onto the roof and then pull ourselves into a third floor window.  once inside it kind of lost the excitment.  the place was stripped out.  the walls were mostly just 2x4s, and some had new dry wall up.  it looked more like a building in construction, than an abandoned building.  it was still fun though.  i had forgotten my camera in the car.  that made me sad but ohh well.  we left early anyways because i felt sick.  i plan on going back though.  i would really like to see if i can find a basement and also try and get on the 12th floor roof.   i'd also like to see if there are any parts of the building that wernt under going renevations at the time it was abandoned.

a pic of the hotel i took a few weeks agoCollapse )

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